Best Practices For Creating A Wedding Schedule

We can’t wait to  be part of your wedding! To ensure a smooth wedding day, we highly recommend a detailed and well planned out schedule. This will help our team achieve the best footage for your wedding video! Please provide the following information on your day-of schedule. If there is a scheduled event with people present, we would love to know the details! We often need to set up audio, several mics in some cases, multiple cameras and tripods, please try to allow us time to do what is needed to achieve the best film possible. Please forward Parfait your day of scheduled 3-2 weeks before the wedding, for revisions and corrections, as all the details matter for us to perform our service

We suggest you give a copy of the final schedule to your bridal party, mc, DJ, JP, limo driver, photographer and any family who may be part of any key moments.

Thank you!

If you require examples of well executed schedules, please don't hesitate to ask our team! We're happy to provide any examples or insight!

Happy Planning,

Ixchel + Justin


What to include on your schedule:

An excel spread sheet or numbers document, is the most ideal to create a chart.

Please include the following columns: time, event, location, additional notes.

Wedding Prep

[Please allow extra time in the morning, trust us you won't regret having a few minutes to enjoy this time]

  • Time, location & people present 
  • Make Up ( allow 45 minutes to an hour- per person. Depending on the level of experience of your make up artist, things can take longer or require corrections)
  • Hair ( allow 45 minutes to an hour- per person.)
  • Bride Reads Grooms Letter
  • Groom Reads Brides Letter
  • Please include any gift exchanges with your bridal party, if you would like it filmed
  • Bridesmaids get dresses ( Please have bridesmaids get dressed BEFORE the bride, this way if they are helping the bride with the gown, they are looking their best and ready to go!)
  • Bride gets dress on ( Please allow 30 minutes to put on the brides dress, shoes & accessories.  Have a leader: MOH or mother of the bride lead this period.)
  • Please allow time once the bride is dressed for candid shots and footage with the bridal part and family.
  • Groom getting ready ( Grooms, please be showered, but not dressed, we would like to film your details/outfit before you get dressed. Please have your group of friends/bridal party with you when our team arrives)
  • {Typically our team starts filming with the bride part way into hair and make up, times may vary depending on your package}

[ Please allow our team one hour to shoot with the groom.  Account for travel time to the groom , from bride prep + 1 hr to shoot with the groom ]

Up Next on the Schedule:t

  • Bride arriving to ceremony
  • Groom arriving to ceremony 
  • All other scheduled events

[ Please allow our team one hour to set up for the ceremony. Account for drive time from bride prep to ceremony location plus one hour to set up before the start of the ceremony }


  • Start & End Time, location & people present 
  • Start and end time
  • List any readings or untraditional aspects of your wedding ceremony and when to expect them during the ceremony
  • Receiving Line or group photo if you are planning one, and or other scheduled events during the ceremony or at the ceremony site.
  • Will family photos take place at the ceremony location right after?

Photo Shoot/Formals 

[ Please provide photo shoot locations. We often need to load and reload the car between locations and will need to meet up with you for photos. Tear down from the ceremony is approximately 30 minutes, meaning we wouldn't be joining you until we are packed up and at the next location ]

  •  Start & End Time, location & people present 
  • All other scheduled events

[ Please allow our team  45 minutes to set up for the reception. Typically can we set up while cocktail hour is taking place, if cocktail hour is in a separate room. If cocktail hour and the reception are in the same room, we would arrive shortly before the start of cocktail hour. Drive time from the last photo location to reception location plus 45 minutes to set up before the start of the reception is requested. ]


[ Please provide your DJ & MC with the schedule of the night!  ]

  • Start & End Time, location/ room & people present 
  • Cocktail Hour 
  • Grand Entrance
  • Dinner period ( please, to not have speeches occur between courses, wondering why? Shots of the beautiful couple aren't as appealing if they are busy enjoying their steak dinner, instead of the couple listening to speeches and enjoying the beautiful speeches that were written for them)
  • Speeches/ Toasts ( Each Speaker + role At wedding/name)
  • Garter Toss (Try to schedule this early on in the night, it could damper the vibe on the dance floor.)
  • Bouquet Toss (Try to schedule this early on in the night, it could damper the vibe on the dance floor.)
  • First Dance(s)
  • Games & more.
  • All other scheduled events. ( if it is not scheduled, this is likely when we would use the washroom or grabbing exterior shots.)




( More Best Practices For Your Wedding Day Schedule!)

-Consider doing a first look!

- Write your own vows! They don't need to be long! 

-Have your vows written out in a card, on card stock or on cue cards. Anything but regular paper! You might get a little nervous and start crinkling the paper...then the mic's will pick up the crinkles! ( We don't want that, and neither do you!)

-Allow ample time for everything! You'll feel more relaxed!

- Please eat and drink water the morning of your wedding!

- During the photo session, bring snacks and drinks for your bridal party! Its tough being the centre of attention!

- Grooms! The morning of your wedding considering doing a favourite activity or hobby with your groomsmen. Maybe golf, basketball or gaming is your style? 

- Please don't schedule speeches/toasts between course at the reception! We want all eyes on the speaker and your guests to really take in these amazing speeches! Also, there is a chance that the servers will be walking in view of the podium, as well as our cameras. We want you to have the best film!! Not only is having speeches distracting during dinner time, it also takes always from the importance of the speeches. Your guests will be hungry after the long day and will be likely interesting in the food and other guests at the table.  If you must, we recommend the following order: serve, eat, clear, speech. Please allow the course to be eaten and cleared before starting the next speech.

- Please get your make up done in a room with natural light, near a window if possible. For us to capture you in your true beauty and looking your best, a high chair or bar stool is ideal! Bride should go last,  allowing all the time required for make up and hair services. 

- Consider leaving your reception with your photographer/ Parfait Productions during " The Golden Hour". This is the hour right before sunset. Its ultra romantic and can provide stunning footage of you and your new husband/ wife. This is also a great time to take a breather from the reception!

-Please allow our team one hour to set up for your ceremony. ( This means all important events ( bride putting on her dress for example) with the bride and groom should be complete when we head out from prep.

-Please notify our team of any possible readings and podium readings during the ceremony.

- Remember, we kindly request dinner at your reception,. In terms of seating, the best is a vendor table. The nose bleed section is best, such as the perimeter of the room, the back of the room or near an entrance/exit. This way we aren't a distraction to your guests.

- Please be mindful and scheduled in anything you would like captured within your package restrictions. Scheduling something after 11:30pm should be discussed with our team in advance. 

- Remember to have fun & be yourself!